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I wish I could have more time..

These days have been so busy to me.. lots of things to do at work and I have my college paper to finish until the end of the month. So at the end of the day I barely can keep my eyes open, and there you go, almost no time to read.


And the worst thing is, there are so many good books being released and also there are lots of books I've been planning to read but so little time, I'm becoming frustated. My sister instead of show me some support, keeps tempting me with the books she's been reading.. bad, bad girl! =/


Look what awaits me:


Kristen Ashley's Fantasyland Series and Jagged:




My sister is currently reading this series and keeps babbling all the time of how GOOD it is, especially The Golden Dynasty. I made the mistake of reading some reviews.. Damn, KA! Why do have to be so good in almost everything you write? It should be illegal. Seriously people, she can write from bad ass bikers to vampires and be awesome every time! 




Jagged will be released next month and since I finished reading For You, I can't stop thinking about Reece. I think even with the Ham and Cookie thing, I'm gonna like it!


Jill Shalvis' The Lucky Harbor Series, Always on My Mind. I love this series and Jack is so yummy I can't wait to have him all to myself!





Love and Lists by Tara Sivec has just been released and I can't help myself! My paper will have to wait until Saturday. As it is a short read, I'm gonna take today and tomorrow to read it. I've been waiting for Gavin's story way to much to resist the temptation.. HAHAHA. :)




In November everything's back to normal, thank God!