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Play With Me by Kristen Proby

Safe With Me  - Kristen Proby

3 stars


Play With Me is the 5th instalment in the With me in Seatle series and I have to celebrate because it was the only one I finished reading. The others, I swear, I tried but I couldn't.. the stories didn't caught me and I had problem with the way the author wrote the hero pov, actually I had this exactly problem with this one.


What I liked:


1. The Montgomery Family - I have a big and loud family so I loved the interaction between them.


2. The girls - I'm a twin sister, I understand the connection and also the scenes between them and Caleb were so cute, so full of love that it warmed my heart! <3


What I didn't like:


1. The hero POV -  Unfortunately there are few authors out there that can write a good man POV. What I have seen nowadays in many books is men talking like women. A friend of GR says something that I agree 100%: Just adding f*cking doesn't make it a male's voice!  In this book, for example, Caleb speaks things like this:


She's so fucking beautiful she takes my breath away. 


Seriously people, do you know a MAN who talks like that? I don't. 


2. Where's the enemy? -  Brynna was hiding from some bad guys she saw murdering her ex-husband, but we neve see those guys! We only hear about them, even if when they break her house there isn't any conversations, we just hear Caleb beating them. We don't know why they killed her ex, we don't for sure if they are following her. It didn't convince me at all!


3. I love you? -  The story of these two comes from the other books, but even in the others they didn't have much interaction. I think the "I love yous" was rushed and without much depth. They almost didn't speak about their relationship, they think a lot, but they didn't converse about it, just in the end.


In general, it was OK, but forgettable.