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For You by Kristen Ashley



I don't really know what to say..  there are so many emotions inside me right now but I'm gonna try.  Without a doubt, KA is one of my favorite author EVER. She's one of the few authors that can make go from supreme happiness to absolute hate and despair with just a couple of pages. I adore when that happen, and do you know why? Because to me, for a book be really GOOD it has to move with my emotions even if I don't like it in the end. But no worries with this one, it is AWESOME!



Alexander (Colt or Alec) Colton and February (Feb) Owens have known each other since they were little kids. Colt had really bad parents. They were always high and drunk, his mother didn't care much about him and worse, his father could get really violent, beating his mom and him. But he had a safe heaven with the Owens. When he was 5 years old he met Morrie and they became fast friends and through his friendship he met Feb (Morrie's sister) and their parents, Jack and Jackie (whom owned the most poplular bar in town). Seeing the hell where Colt was in, this family always took care of him, and one night after a really bad fight that left Colt in a very bad shape, Jack and Jack took him home and made their family his.


Through all this, Colt and Feb's relationship remained strong, solid. They became high school sweethearts, Colt went to college, but their love was unmoving. Everyone just knew they belonged together and everyone wanted they remained that way. But one night, at a party everything changed and in the next day, Feb broke up with him. Colt didn't understand, Feb didn't explain and they saw all their dreams and plans slipped through their hands. 


For more than 20 years they became apart. Colt got married and Feb as well, but Feb got wild and after being beaten by her husband she left and started to wander across the country, lost, trying, and not being capable of, to forget Colt. And the same goes for him. He got divorced and tried to forget her, but he never did.


Feb came back to town and did her best to avoid him (although he was still part of her family), but after a pretty nasty murder at the back of the bar Feb and Morrie now owned, they are forced to be together and as they learn that murder was caused by a crazy guy who was obsessed with Feb, Colt had to protect her, didn't he?? 


All those feelings were always there, they just needed a little push.


Colt is fabulous! Tall, gorgeous, strong, loyal and honorable. He is also a bit bossy, overbearing and possessive, but if he didn't, he wouldn't be an alpha, and he is good just like that! Feb is great too, sweet, strong and with lots of love to give, but sometimes she's so stupid. And I think she is to blame for their separation, well, not totally guilt, but for the most part..she even admitted it! But they are great together, and I adored when they started to live together, and became a fuctional couple (I love this in her books!!).


But as I said, this reading was an emotional rollercoaster! First, their misunderstanding as a couple, second, the crazy, crazy guy killing people because he loved Feb.. God, sometimes I was scared, sometimes I wanted to punch Feb in the face and sometimes I just wanted to do unspeakeble things to Colt.. after all, he IS delicious. An on top of all that, great sexual tension and great sex, as well. They were HOT and they were beautiful. 


I leave you with some of that beauty:


"God, I loved him, always had, and always would." 


"You got in, Colt", I said and watched, super close, as his eyes opened and his hands tightened on my neck, no squeeze this time, they stayed tight and I could feel the pad of every finger pressing into my skin."Few days ago, you got in. I didn't let you in, you just got in" finally I lifted my hands to his chest and bunched his shirt with my fingers. "I wanna lock you there".


Do a favor to yourself and read this book, actually, the whole The Burg series. It's amazing.