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Perfect for You - Kate Perry 4.5 solid stars

First time I read anything from Kate Perry and it was a lovely surprise. Thanks Kobo Store for recommend it to me, very grateful.

I should probably be beating myself for liking it, because this is a series and now I'm feeling like I should read the others 9 books.. Where will I find the time to accomplish it is beyond me!

Anyways, Perfect for You has a very simple plot. Freya has a crush on her hot neighbor, Greg. And he is pretty much in love with her as well. They hanged out once and got along very well, but when Freya discovered that he was lawyer she pushed him away. You see, her father was a doctor and when he was sued by a patient, his lawyer did a very bad job on advising him how to handle the situation. Her father lost the case and his license. He was so upset with the outcome, that when he left court he accidentally crashed his car. Both her father and mother died on the accident, and now she's very, very suspicious of lawyers, but Greg is not one to be put off!

Greg knows Freya feels something for him, and with his charms and a little help from Freya's sister, Anna, he finds a way to her heart. Plus, Freya needs Greg. She's a web designer, and she have lost her inspiration, but it keeps coming back to her everytime she encounters Greg. so, to get her project done, she agrees to date him.

I loved the author's voice! The story was fast-paced, sexy, funny and sweet. We also have a side story featuring Anna and Max (one of Freya's neighbors), that was very sweet. It was very nice the interaction between Freya and her sister and her friends. So much love and companionship!

It's a perfect book if you want something light and sweet to read between angst books. Kate Perry' books are already on my list of comfort reads. :)