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Bringing my mojo back!

These days I can't seem to find a book that excites me. The ones I'm currently reading are good, but something is missing.. SO, as I'm in need of some comfort food, I'm going to try one of the few KA books I haven't read yet, For You, the first of The Burg Series.



Funny 'cause I have read the whole series, except the first one. I remember when my sister was reading it.. she was like: Oh. My. God! This is creepy! or Gisele, the bad boy is killing everyone! This is a very intense book and etc. I was scared, I confess - I don't like to read things with lots of deaths and violence, but Kristen Ashley has something special. Her stories always gets me in a very unique way.. in a way that I LOVE!


So, why not? The reviews for this book are awesome, and my sister told me that even though the story gets pretty ugly at some point, it is TOTALLY worthy! And let me be honest with you, I need some alpha goodness, and KA is one of the few authors that can deliver it, don't you think?


Come on, KA! Give me some sexiness! Bring the sexy back!