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The Law of Attraction - N.M.  Silber I loved it!!

If you liked Emma Chase's Tangled and Tara's Chocolate Lovers Series, The Law of Attraction is a treat!
I had a blast reading it, and thank God I was alone (sort of), while reading it, because I just couldn't help myself and laughed my ass off! How can you not laugh when the author puts sex, wall and a horny chiwawa together in a scene?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Believe me, I'm laughing here just remembering it!

Gabrielle and Braden are two lawyers that work together and they had eyes for each other for quite some time, but never actually did something about it. With their friend's help, and some alcohol too, they flirt and set up some dates. Gabby doesn't want to be another one in Braden's list, and Braden, although being a lady's man, likes Gabby enough to really try to have something serious with her.

Their banter are great, and the way the author combined their relatioship with their defenses on court was very smart and funny. They super sexy and cute together.

While Braden is more serious, Gabby is bit nut, and their friends are super funny and supportive of their relationship. So much that when someone starts to send Gabby anonymous notes, they agreed to do all kinds of crazy stuffs to find this person. It was so much fun!!

I can't wait for the next book! I want to see if they going to marry; I want to know if Bruno (the chiwawa) is going to need mental treatment for being exposed to his mommy and daddy crazy monkey sex; and I want more from Drew (Braden's crazy brother). Actually, this Drew here, reminds me of Drew from Chocolate lovers, although no one can be THAT crazy!

If you want some sexy, fun read, The Law of Attraction is a great treat! :)