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Changing the Game - Jaci Burton 4 stars

Changing The Game is not only hot but also STEAMY, seriously people! Since the beginning, Gavin and Liz were setting my Kobo on fire! I have never read anything from Jaci Burton before and I enjoyed it a lot.
The story between them is kinda of fast-paced soo I didn't get bored while reading. And I'm super glad I didn't read the first book in this series, so I didn't judge Liz for what she did with Tara and Nathan. I was really sad for her throughout the book. She apologized more than once and although Tara and Nathan accepted her apologies, Mick couldn't seem to let go and he was really mean to her. But I think his actions added a good tension to the story.
My only complaint and the reason why I'm not giving it 5 stars is because I'd to see Gavin groveling more. He did a good job asking for her forgiveness, but i thought she accepted it way to fast! He was a jerk with her, he should have suffered more!
Anyway, it was a very good start with her books and I'm looking forward to read more from Mrs. Burton.