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Lingerie Wars - Janet Elizabeth Henderson

5 stars 

Lingerie Wars was a lovely, lovely discovery! I have never heard about the author but some friends were saying lots of good things about it, and if you add Scotland into the scene, I’m hooked!

It tells us the story of Kristen Campbell and Lake Benson. She was a very successful lingerie model in the past, but due a car accident and lots of body scars, she couldn’t do it anymore, so she comes back to her village in the middle of the Scottish Highlands and opens a Lingerie Shop. But life is not easy, and while she’s struggling with the shop, Lake Benson – an English – comes into the scene and takes charge of the shop across the street. He had bought it to his sister, but Rainne was not doing things properly. The lingerie shop was doing very bad and he needed the money he invested back, so he could invest in the PI business he so wanted to do.

But you see, they were in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere… the city doesn’t need a lingerie shop, let alone two. SO,LET THE WAR BEGIN! And it was so much fun to read these two fight against each other.. lots of sabotages, stolen kisses, thefts in the middle of the night and support characters who added even more madness to the story! YAY!

These two try to hate each other, but as the story progresses they become sort of friends/lovers, and the whole community help their relationship. 

What can I say about Betty?? She’s and old lady and the owner of the building where Lakes’s shop is. She’s all kinds of crazy. Lake calls her “his Hobbit”.. how fun is that??? LOADSSS.

Lake with his charm, becomes a local attraction and even his photo is coveted by the old ladies! He doesn’t want to even imagine what they do with it! HAHAHA

There is another love story in the book between Lake’s sister, Rainne, and a local boy, Alastair, that was very sweet and chamming. I hope that in the next book, the author give them the spotlight!

It’s a must read people! You going to laugh loads and even if the Scottish cold tries to get you, the love and the sweetness of this book will warm your body and heart! :)

Looking forward to read more from Janet Elizabeth Henderson!!